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Junior Assessment

Review Topics for the Junior Assessment Exam - Music Theory


Grand staff     

Chromatic scale                     

Major scales and key signatures

Scale degree names

Circle of fifths (major and minor)

Relative minor scales and key signatures

Harmonic and melodic minor scales

Intervals and inversions


Triads and seventh chords in major and minor


Figured bass

Structural chord progressions

Circle of 5ths chord progression         

Primary triad chord progression

Overtone series

Diatonic 7th chords in major and minor

Harmonizing a simple melody                       

Arpeggiated, cadential, passing, and pedal six-four chords

Authentic, half, plagal, and deceptive cadences

Two-voice counterpoint in 1st to 5th species

Non-harmonic tones: passing, neighbor, suspension, retardation, appoggiatura, escape, anticipation, and pedal

Motives, phrases, and periods

Secondary dominant and diminished chords                                                            

Modulation via diatonic and chromatic pivot chords

Harmonic, melodic and rhythmic prolongation

Sight-Singing appropriate to the level of study


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